Friday, April 14, 2006

Going Home!!!!

It's kinda like getting released from prison or flying home from an overseas deployment, but man I am so glad I am going home from the hospital today. I have developed a better sense of appreciation for my lovely wife Christie and of course always my little star, Abigael. The docs came by this morning and my wounds were clean and dry and there was no pain when they pushed down around the sutures. I got the ok by the I.D. docs and I will go home with antibiotics three times a day. I come back to clinic in two weeks. We're just gonna take on step at a time.
I can't say enough about how much my team of docs (The Green Team) has taken care of me Dr. Lisa Taitsman, even out of town promptly replys to emails and phone calls, Dr. Craven who's daughter Abigail is almost the same age, May 23rd, as our Abbi, Dr G. the Army 101st Airborne Ranger that even I was able to scare the crap out of when I yelled as he touched my leg Sat night, Whoraahhh, Airbone!, and Dr. first name Lee, the info doc always coming back in to give me the updates and info. He listened to me ramble about life and how much this sucks and he was a nice guy. My nusres Imee, Joe, Patrick, Melvin all top notch and overworked I tried to be as little of a burden as possible once they all realised I was an EMT they gave me a certain amout of leeway to do things that normal patient probably couldn't do. Thank you to you all you made my stay in the zoo great!!
So here I sit I am going to restroom on my own again no prob and eatting good. My pain level is good and managable again. I feel like normal almost. As much as she never stops I can't wait to hear Abigael squeel with delight and play and be able to take care of her again. Thanks God, Thanks Family, Thanks All

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