Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Opening day tradition

Yesterday I took the family and most importantly, Abigael, to the opening day of Mariner's baseball. I have taken Abigael to Opening Day every day since she was born and now Mason has been ever year since he was born as well. I got tickets on the 300 level section 313 row 24 only one row down from the very top row. On the way into town to attend the game, I was listening to KOMO 1000 new radio for traffic updates and the pre-game info. As I was driving to Christie's work in Kent to pick her up for the game, KOMO announced they had two tickets to the home opener that day in the Commissioner's Box, section 120 row 4, to give away to the tenth caller. I figured what the hell I 'd give'm a call and after about a dozen busy signals the phone rang through! I WON!! I gave my info and they said the tickets would be available in the will call at Safeco Field. We arrived in Seattle around 1pm and met up with Christie's cousin Melissa as she was going to the game with us, as well as our friend Patrick (13) from Tacoma. We took a bus to the SODO and walked to the stadium. I went to Will Call, got the awesome field seat tickets, then met up with Christie and the girls in the true nose bleed seats!! I decided to take Abigael and meet up with Patrick down at the Commissioner's Box seats for the opening ceremonies. Melissa bought Abigael a BUCKET of cotton candy which she insisted on devouring thoughout the course of the game (in other words, within three innings). She was bouncing off the ceiling by the seventh inning stretch! By the sixth inning a lot people had left the seats down on the field so I told everyone to come down and sit there to watch the rest of the game. Abigael got to take a picture with Mariner Moose. The Mariners won the game against the Texas Rangers 5-2!! We had a cold walk to the bus stop and a fun bus ride back to Melissa's place downtown. All in all the day was top notch!! This was Abigael's fourth opening day with what looks to be many more to come!!

Years past 2005, 2006, 2007 no picture or post but we did go and we took Christie ta boot!