Friday, September 22, 2006

Abigael pics

Sorry for the delay of pics of my best gal but here ya go...

Best of friends!!

Future track star??

All set and ready to roll Kiddie Kilo

Tuckered out!!!

New rain boots for school!!!

29er on the horizon??

I got a chance to ride the new Redline Mono-cog Flight 29er pre-production prototype Reynolds 853 steel fully ridgid mountain bike, Thanks Bryan!! Here are a few quick snap shots of it, soooo sweet!

The production model will be green and made from Japanese Sanko tubing like this
. Man I cannot wait to be able to ride again, fully healed and without pain! Soon so soon! post

Due out for production Nov. 1st!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Liv'in life on a bike...

I was looking through the Craigslist bicycle posting this morning and I came across this guy. His plee struck a cord in me, probably the same cord that wants to just ride the country or just be able to ride period!! And since his CL posting won't last forever I will re-post it here:

hi, thanks for taking the time to read this post. my name is jayme, i have been ridin around the west coast for the past 3 years. i started on a trek 7000 that did me just fine until it was stolen in santa cruz. i hitch hiked for a bit, then i built a cheap single speed cause i couldnt afford any components. one day, just before a small 5 day loop tour in the redwoods, i was given an old brigestone touring bike that i quickly tore down and got all tuned for a tour. alas though i have parted ways with my good friend. but not before puting a few thousand miles on it. curently i am visiting family here in WA and ive been plotting my return trip. the biggest problem is my complete lack of transportation. this is hopfully where you come in. ive been working for a little and have some money, its not much, but id gladly trade it for a nice mountain bike that would take me and about 50 pounds of my favorite things back down to california for the warm season. a BOB trailer would be useful too. id buy one of those if any one has one. im looking for somthing around $200-300 but i can go a little bit more for somthing especially nice. ive also got a snowboard that i dont ride, and would glad to trade. its a rossingnol 158cm, no bindings or boots just the board, but its pretty clean. i really like specialised and cannondales, im kinda picky, but id love to look at any serious offer. sorry, im the choosiest beggar youll ever meet. thank you sooo much for taking the time to read this post.

His CL email address is: If you can help him out shoot him a line.

My best friends Julian's mountain bike frame arrived Monday night!!! I have been stock up on choice parts for him for almost 6 months and now it is time to start the build!! Here is a pic so far... Man this thing will BLING when it's done!! Hopefully next fall, when and if I am fully healed up, Julian and I can join my good friend George Santucci from NC down in Sedona, AZ; Moab, UT; or some other mountain bike mecca for a week of hitting the trails!! I did this a few years back with George here in WA for 10 days and almost 200 plus miles of awesome trail!! Wow what a trip and we NEED to do it again!! Here is a shot of George riding at the base of Mt. St. Helens...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Go Seahawks

These pics were taken with my camera phone sorry for the quality...

I was invited to go to the Seahawks game today with my good friend Bryce Weaver. Thanks Dream! I had a blast screaming and yelling till I had no voice left!! Man the twelve man is for real!!! We won easily 21-10 over the AZ Cardinals and now sit 2-0 and lead the NFC West!!

This is the halftime Sea-Gals show:

My interview went well on Saturday with SFD. I was super relaxed and approached it with an "I am done with the testing game" attitude. We'll see if I move on they interviewd about 170 people and they are narrowing it down to 50 for the CPAT on October 15th.

I am selling my Kona "A" full suspention singlespeed mountain bike. Fox Talas RLC fork, Fox Float RLC shock, Chris King headset, Race Face cranks, Avid disc brakes I am asking $1100 and I will put it on Ebay on Sunday. I have a new bike project brewing and with my leg I will realisticly never be able to ride singlespeed again (or at least not for quite awhile!) The frame is an 18" and has never been off road due to my stupid leg injury!! Please take it off my hands I have 29er dreams.....

(Late Edit I sold my "A"!!! As a complete bike!! now I am looking at either the above Redline Monocog Flight 29er or a custom frame and fork?!!!)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

been awhile

Sorry to all few of my faithfull readers. I have not posted in quite awhile. I have been busy with this and that but mostly that is just excuses. I just got back from Utah/Colorado having gone there to help my friend Eric time the Kona Global 24 hour #2 mountain bike race! Man it was fun we flew into Salt Lake City and drove the timing van to just outside of Granby, CO. We took US40 and we saw some beautiful country!! I stayed up from 7am Sat morning till we got on the road Sunday night at 6pm. I got to meet Nat Ross, Mark Hendershot, and Christina Begy all outstanding endurance racers!!! I met Chris Fuller, the new co-owner of Genuine Spot Brand bicycles and I feel like I have a new friend in him. Eric and I gave a guy by the name of Fred Wilkinson a dry place to sleep Friday night, he stayed in our room as opposed to his tarp tent as it poured down rain!! Fred rode his bike from Moab, UT to the race then raced SOLO and the rode home 300 miles one way!!! I also saw Steve "Dr. Doom" Fassbinder there, he came out to race in the solo catergory. Steve in a former Portland messenger and endurance racer nut now living in Colorado. As well as the boys from FSA that drove out to this race from the Seattle area!!! The course dryed out throughout the day Saturday, but from what I heard it was an awesome, fast and at time very muddy 14 mile loop!! I enjoyed spending time with Eric Ewing a true true friend and brother, I only wish we weren't seperated by the state of Washington.

My dad is in town working on a local mountain bike trail project. And my cousin Chris will be in town for a few weeks from Japan! I have heard good things from my doctors as to the healing of my bone graft!! But alas my ankle has become so painful that I am off the bike once again for atleast two weeks!!!

Lets see what else??

School Starts Sep 25th!!! I am so ready but nervous as hell!! I got Abigael into all of the hours at the Childcare center that I needed to get her into, YEAH!! We are going to take her to the open house this Friday, we will be calling it "ABIGAEL'S SCHOOL, for her benefit"! I have all my books Thanks to mom (Pat!)! I have recieved my first VA payment which payed for books and Abigael's Childcare!

I have my SFD employment interview this Sat at 8am. We'll see how it goes, not really to excited about it seeing as how I will most likely get nixed due to my bum leg!! But I have had close friends write very awesome letters of recommendation so I am not giving up all hope yet?

I am super jazzed to get back on the bike and start working out again!! I even went to the gym yesterday and did a core body workout!! I talked with Mike Desalvo and my cyclocross frame/fork is getting built as I type!!! I hope to see it by the beginning of Oct. just in time for my birthday!!! I requeste the paint to be matte black with clear metal panels and blood-red lettering!!! Even though I will not be able to race cyclocross this year I have been waiting for this ride for over a year!! I am so excited to want to participate in some endurance mountain biking event and I am even looking to help organize a local PNW 100 mile race for '07?!? I just wanna be able to go mountain biking again, PERIOD!!

I was so excited to be back home and spend some time with my wonderful daughter!! She is such a dare devil!! We are going to spend so much time in the ER!! Daughter like Father I guess???