Friday, September 22, 2006

29er on the horizon??

I got a chance to ride the new Redline Mono-cog Flight 29er pre-production prototype Reynolds 853 steel fully ridgid mountain bike, Thanks Bryan!! Here are a few quick snap shots of it, soooo sweet!

The production model will be green and made from Japanese Sanko tubing like this
. Man I cannot wait to be able to ride again, fully healed and without pain! Soon so soon! post

Due out for production Nov. 1st!!


One Gear One Mind said...

looks sweet. i saw it out at the black diamond bike shop about the same time. 29ers rock. what gear ratio did you use when you raced fixed? just curious. thanks nat.
we should keep talking about an endurance race.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all the pic's of Abigael. I put the one of "Tuckered Out" as my desktop at work. I am Soooooo looking forward to seeing everyone on the 12th.
Love, Dad