Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Liv'in life on a bike...

I was looking through the Craigslist bicycle posting this morning and I came across this guy. His plee struck a cord in me, probably the same cord that wants to just ride the country or just be able to ride period!! And since his CL posting won't last forever I will re-post it here:

hi, thanks for taking the time to read this post. my name is jayme, i have been ridin around the west coast for the past 3 years. i started on a trek 7000 that did me just fine until it was stolen in santa cruz. i hitch hiked for a bit, then i built a cheap single speed cause i couldnt afford any components. one day, just before a small 5 day loop tour in the redwoods, i was given an old brigestone touring bike that i quickly tore down and got all tuned for a tour. alas though i have parted ways with my good friend. but not before puting a few thousand miles on it. curently i am visiting family here in WA and ive been plotting my return trip. the biggest problem is my complete lack of transportation. this is hopfully where you come in. ive been working for a little and have some money, its not much, but id gladly trade it for a nice mountain bike that would take me and about 50 pounds of my favorite things back down to california for the warm season. a BOB trailer would be useful too. id buy one of those if any one has one. im looking for somthing around $200-300 but i can go a little bit more for somthing especially nice. ive also got a snowboard that i dont ride, and would glad to trade. its a rossingnol 158cm, no bindings or boots just the board, but its pretty clean. i really like specialised and cannondales, im kinda picky, but id love to look at any serious offer. sorry, im the choosiest beggar youll ever meet. thank you sooo much for taking the time to read this post.

His CL email address is: If you can help him out shoot him a line.

My best friends Julian's mountain bike frame arrived Monday night!!! I have been stock up on choice parts for him for almost 6 months and now it is time to start the build!! Here is a pic so far... Man this thing will BLING when it's done!! Hopefully next fall, when and if I am fully healed up, Julian and I can join my good friend George Santucci from NC down in Sedona, AZ; Moab, UT; or some other mountain bike mecca for a week of hitting the trails!! I did this a few years back with George here in WA for 10 days and almost 200 plus miles of awesome trail!! Wow what a trip and we NEED to do it again!! Here is a shot of George riding at the base of Mt. St. Helens...

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