Thursday, November 26, 2009

OK, 2009 kinda a bust....but not THAT bad!!

So I didn't lose any weight... maybe even gained 5-10 lbs! Didn't keep the blog updated AT ALL... But I am in my third quarter of the LPN program at Clover Park Tech. I will be done at the end of March 2010 and looking for a hospital job. I have been very regular with updating my FaceBook page and that has pretty much told the story of my life for the past year... I haven't been able to ride my bikes much due to the LPN program being so intense. I do have my sights set on completing the Cascade Cream Puff 100 in 2010 finally! SO this Thanksgiving I am VERY thankful for my family, especially my wife, the kids keep me overjoyed, my church family, and my God. My health and the privilege of being in the LPN program... Look forward to working in 2010 and getting into an LPN to RN bridge program that we can afford!!!