Monday, January 07, 2008


WOW is about all I can muster. 2008 has got to be better than 2007, yet 2007 was a year full of amazingly awesome immensely important events. 2007 was a surgery free year, yeah! We bought a house and moved to Tacoma. My son, Mason Campbell, was born. Abigael grew up so much including being fully potty trained going into 2007, going to "school" for most of the beginning of the year, and getting her first haircut/trim. I fell back in love with my beautiful wife after not quite realizing that I have had it so good for the past ELEVEN years!
Bought a new car, a MINI VAN!! I tried my hand at endurance mountain bike racing (more like riding than actully being competitively racing) , finding my new love on the bike, as well as went fully 29er. I found myself trying, 4 1/2 months out of 6, but not able to complete firefighter recruit school with KCFD 20 due to my not fully healed leg. Starting the EMT class and then not being able to complete it due to the craziness of life. Getting my first "clock in clock out" regular job in over three years with REI. I made some awesome new friends in 2007 and look forward to making many more in 2008! Built and almost finished my very own bike shop in my "garage/shop" with help from friends and mostly family. Made a change in my cycling team and have decided to go back to AVA/Counterbalance in 2008, thanks so much for 2007 Viking Sport!!

So I start out 2008 with a vandalized car and MAJOR leg surgery so it can only get better right? I stayed in the hospital at Harborview from the 3rd till the 6th and everything in surgery went excellent! I just have a deep down feeling that 2008 is going to be an amazingly awesome better year. I plan on taking 2008 to focus on my healing and recovery, my family, our house and new life in Tacoma, training to become a better cyclist and mountain biker, getting ready for nursing school in 2009, working at REI and raising the kids, improving our house and most importantly learning to love my wife all over again...!

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Joe Partridge said...

Great site! I'm an endurance singlespeeder from Michigan. I moved to Portland in October, and I'm looking for places to ride and people to ride with. Your site was helpful in identifing some races to put on my calandar.

I hope the leg heals fast and I'll look for you on the trail!