Thursday, April 19, 2007

First big decision down!

So I made the call today about the fire dept recruit class... I was told by my Captain last Saturday that I would not be allowed to be operational on shift at the end of the recruit academy in July if he did not feel I was 100% healthy. He also said that I was obviously still limping around the drill ground and that he did not want me to further injure myself while drilling in recruit school. So I had to make a MAJOR decision about whether I was going to continue training with this current recruit class or stop, pull out and get healed and then try again in 2008. Considering my last major surgery was July 6Th 2006 less than a year ago It is no wonder why my leg has been killing me after every Saturday drill session. This was one of the hardest decision I have ever had to make and it did not come easily... I will now have the chance to focus on healing, getting back in shape, and taking care of my family and soon to come new addition!! I will also be able to use my Saturdays (at least the mornings) for training and going to the gym! I plan to be 100% by the time I come back in 2008. I know I can do the job I have completed one recruit class, graduated, and made it through over 3 and a half months of a second six month long recruit school at 80%+ healthy.

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