Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Back on the saddle again!!!

So Jose Sandoval, a teammate, reminded me that the Wednesday Night World Championship MTB races started last week so I thought I might go give it a try... Now mind you I haven't participated in bicycle race since August 5th 2005 when I got hit during the Dead Baby Bike race and the last time I raced in a MTB race was for fun SS at South Seatac in July of 2005.

I decided to "throw down" tonight for fun to see where my (lack of) fitness sits. I showed up around 6:30 with my preggo wife and wild 'n crazy 3 yo daughter. I registered for the year as a Sport class age 19-34 (my race age this year is 34!!) and got the number 484 (close enough to my favorite numer 448). I got a chance to get on the course for about 15 or 20 minutes to give it a pre-ride. I felt good and thought I would do ok in the race. I was riding my 29er Black Sheep Ti hardtail with the Reba up front and setup as a singlespeed (SS) running 32x19. There where about 30 to 40 people both sport and expert combined lined up at the start. There were a handful of singlespeeders and a few other 29ers as well. We were all riding 5 laps plus the starter half lap. At 7:00 they started the expert riders first and when they were up and around the corner the sport riders got their start.

The race started with a nice long straight paved road with a left turn into the singletrack and immediately UPHILL!! This seperated the sport class into two groups and my 32x19 dictated I was in the latter group of riders. I powered up the singletrack even passing a few of the geared riders as the shifted and lost momentum having to stop. I realized that as soon as I got up to the top of the hill I was SPENT I went out too hard too fast and BLEW-UP!! I kinda battled it out with two other riders for about a lap I would spin out in the straights and ride their tires on the hills and the tight twist technical stuff. Eventually I ran out of steam and realized I was there just for fun so I backed off and just rode the trail! I started having fun after a few minute break on the side of the trail on that nasty uphill section on the second lap. Into my second to last lap I was passed by the top five or six expert (read Pro/semi Pro) riders I did the proper thing by pulling aside and let them pass. I was eventually "pulled" with what would have been my last lap to go but I was D-U-N done so I didn't mind. It was about 8:15 when I crossed the finish line. I don't think I was DFL but I was pretty close! All in all my leg felt great and did not hurt at all during the race and even afterwards it is only slightly sore what really hurts is my lower back, OUCH!!

Abigael rode her little tricycle around in the grass and dirt having a blast while Christie watched. She ran like a wild child all over the staging area cheering me on when ever I popped out of the woods where the trail skirted the staging area each lap yelling "Go daddy go!!"

All in all I think my first race back went well it was totally worth my $12 and it got preggers and wild child out of the house for an evening. I think I will race every Wednesday until track season starts and I will race masters at the track on Wednesdays.

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