Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mountain bike training, SIR!!!

Today I went out to Rattlesnake Lake at exit 32 off I-90 to ride the John Wayne Pioneer Trail. The JWP trail is an old converted rail-trail that runs the length of the Iron Horse State Park. It atcually runs over 75 plus miles to the east side as part of a state long trail system. Today I rode up to the Snoqualmie Pass to the Snoqualmie tunnel before I could not go any further due to the road being fully snowed in still. The trail, being an old railroad grade, has an ever gentle uphill climb. With a total elevation gain of 1620 feet in 20 miles. I was able to ride thru the tunnel, 2.4 miles, only to find it locked at the east end, as well as the snow in the road.

I took a few pictures before I came back through the tunnel. There were some picnic tables in the sun on the west side of the tunnel. I sat and ate lunch and soaked up the sun and the views!! I then turned around and rode downhill. The trail has some beautiful old tresles that span some impressive sights! I only had one flat and I saw a few more people out on the way down than I saw on the way up. My total milage for the day was 42.3 miles! It took me about 3hr 23min of wheels spinning ride time. There are very few places to get long "dirt" miles on one's mountain bike in the Seattle area. I figured since I am planning to do two 24 hr races and a 50 mile endurance race I should start getting in shape!!

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Wes said...

Looks like it was an awesome day! And give my love to your girls.