Thursday, May 03, 2007

Feelin good

I raced the Wednesday Night World Championship mtb race last night and had a blast! It was raining, muddy, and cold but a total blast!! I once again raced sport class but this time I did NOT get passed/lapped by the expert racers like I have in the past. I have slowly been feeling better and better during my races. I started out slow and soon realized, after everyone passed me going into the single track, that my legs felt good and lungs didn't feel like they were going to explode! So I started picking people off one by one slowly coming up from the rear passing tons of other sport racers in the corners or on the straighter faster parts of the course. I soon fell in behind another racer and followed him through lap number 4 and 5 and when I heard we had one lap to go I made my move and left him in my dust (mud) and finished in 56 min 59 sec 10.2 miles averaged 11.7 MPH!! I even got a complement from Dale Knapp one of the local (old timer) pros. After the race I started talking with a few people again about hosting an endurance event in Washington state. Dale said it needed to be done and I even perked Wick's (Stiff Wick Productions) interest as the promoter.... Stay tuned!

On another totally cool note I received my new lighting system yesterday from Ay Up! lighting based out of Australia. First immediate impression came when I picked up the package and it weighed next to nothing! Wow upon opening the box I was over whelmed with the contents the Andrew, the owner, included. A handful of promotional Ay Up! bracelets and then the kit! All neatly rolled up. The kit unfurled to reveal two light heads, one blue ano the other gunmetal ano, FOUR mini lupps batteries with neoprene carry cases, TWO lupra lupps larger batteries and cases, handlebar mount, helmet mount, charger, 110v ac adaptor, a 12v car dc adaptor, extension connector, and this is all rolled up in a burrito like neoprene sausage about 3 1/2 in around and 12 in long!! More review to come as well as pictures!! I will really put it to the test during the upcoming 24hr race in Spokane.

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