Wednesday, May 23, 2007


So for some reason (I think Abigael gave it to me) I have come down with a horrible cold!! I had the chills and aches last night and despite Tylenol I had a fever of 101.4F and when I woke up this morning my temp was 101.6F!!!!! I haven't thrown up or had diarrhea just the miserable achy fever. Abigael had it on Sunday all day and was fine by the evening so I am praying this will go away before we leave tomorrow for Spokane!! I have one last PT session before I leave for the 24 hour MT Bike race. I received a kick ass phone call yesterday from Scott Taylor the promoter of the Cascade Cream Puff 100, I AM IN!! Here is the email I got today:
"Congratulations, your in!
You are registered for the CCP.
Eventually you will see your name on the official site as a registered racer.
Please use the CCP website for contact: . I'm spamming everyone because individual e-mails take so much time.
I'm looking forward to meeting each of you this July.
More to come later.

I hope I am not in over my head with that one! My goal is to just finish!!! (PS More prayers needed for that one too!!) Unfortunately I can't even begin to think about riding a bike right now as my body rejects itself!

On another note we made an offer on another house last night. This house is located at S Junett St. Tacoma, WA. There is a brand new elementary school with a middle school attached 4 blocks north at the end of S Junett St. and another Elementary school located a few blocks south. The yard is nice and big fully fenced in with four big fruit bearing trees, apple, plum, pear, and cherry. There are two detached garages in the back one could be used as a Brandon bike shed!! The house itself is about 1300 sft 3+ bedroom 1.5 bath built in 1908 (yes old but updated). There are many neat nooks and crannies with wood floors in the front room and dining room. There is a big bedroom up stairs with a bonus room that runs the length of the house that could be a play room/guest room/office/family room... The price was right at $209,999 and the neighbors had nothing but good things to say about the neighborhood.

I just got a call from our best friend Wes Duncan from NC that his baby boy Samuel was born around 3am Tuesday morning!! He was 21" long and over 9lbs with a FULL head of hair (Wes said they had to comb it for his newborn picture!!) . God bless Wes, Crystal, and their new baby boy Samuel! Crystal was in labor for over 19 hours and the boy was almost a week late!!

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