Monday, May 21, 2007

Our crazy week...

So this past week included an amazing birthday party for our now big THREE year old Abigael, hosting family and friends for said birthday party, looking at houses down in Tacoma, finding "THE" house, placing an offer in less than 12 hours on said house, waiting two days only to find out that we got beat out by a cash only offer!, and working out an extremely sharp pain in my left Achilles tendon! So we are totally drained! Unfortunately we are back to the drawing board looking for a house. We are going back down to Tacoma tonight to look at a few more houses. (May have found one??? S. Junett St) We were VERY disappointed to find out we did not get our offer accepted. The house had it all! The yard was to die for, it backed up to a park and was at the end of a dead end street. I don't think the hard part is finding the right house it is finding the right house in the right neighborhood!! With two young kids we really need to find the house that has a great big yard and is in a safe 'n not very busy place. This was the house we place the offer on 6139 S Ainswoth Ave. The leg is feeling SOOoooo much better after Dr. John at my PT office worked over my leg and found a huge knot in my calf. I feel great, a little sore still, but feeling like I can race this weekend in Spokane at the 24 hour race. I wanted to THANK both of our parents for helping not only us out with the buying of our house but for investing in Abigael's and the baby's future!

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Anonymous said...

I had a lot of fun. Thanks for including us in the celebrations!
Good luck on the home.
Love, Mom P