Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Going back to Emergency Medical Technician - Basic school

I just got a phone call from Seattle Fire Department inviting me to the Emergency Medical Technician - Basic, or EMT-B, course they we be hosting this fall!!!

I have a pretty extensive background in emergency medicine. I first received my EMT-B certification in North Carolina back in 1998. I then became a volunteer with the Watauga County Rescue Squad (WCRS) based in Boone, NC. While I was volunteering with the WCRS I went through the NC EMT - Intermediate course and became a certified EMT-I which allowed me to start IV's and administer some medicines. EMT-I can be a bit more agressive with their field interventions under the direct supervision of the area Medical Director. I worked part and full-time for the county EMS service, Watauga Medics, Inc. During this time starting in 2000 I started the NC EMT-Paramedic course of study. The Paramedic course was a year and a half long and pretty intense. I also complete a wilderness medicine course through SOLO Wilderness Medicine and ASU Outdoor Programs. I continued to volunteer with WCRS conducting search and rescues and EMS service through out the county. I also did my college internship as an Outdoor Trip Leader requiring Wilderness First-Aid training.

In the spring of 2001 I applied to the US Forest Service to become a wildland firefighter, or a Hotshot. I was hired on to the Baker River Hotshot crew based out of Concrete, WA in May 2001 for the 2001 fire season. I was one of the few crew medics and I used my medical knowledge at least a half a dozen times to help save peoples lives. I completed my Paramedic course final exam, sent through the mail, during the first few training weeks with Baker River in May 2001. I never did receive my EMT-Paramedic certification due in part to King counties rules of who can be certified as a Paramedic, only firefighters. Thus started my quest to become a paid firefighter in Washington state. I reciprocated my NC EMT-I to a WA EMT-B and started working for Tri-Med Ambulance but after working primary 911 ALS response working secondary BLS transport just did not cut it.

My WA EMT-B certification expired in December 2004 and I have been waiting ever since for a chance to renew!!! Here is my chance and I WILL make the most of it! I also plan to go back to KCFD #20 and I will be able to keep my EMT certification updated through them until I either get hired as a firefighter or complete nursing school and get my RN license.


Anonymous said...

Yahoo! Congrats on the invite. Your original goal was to be an EMT with Seattle. This opens the door. Proud of you.
Mom P

Anonymous said...

Yeah! This is a great opportunity for you. Finally looks like things will be heading in the direction you've been hoping they would all along. God does open doors when least expected. We're proud of you too.
Love, Mom