Sunday, August 27, 2006

Timing n' stuff

My good friend Eric Ewing came to Seattle yesterday from Spokane to time the skate for MS event today. I helped him time the event and earned a little money as well as learned the system even more so that I will be ready for the trip to Colorado in two weeks to time the Kona Global 24 hour mountain bike race. It was really good seeing Eric again (went to the OR coast with him and his family) after we were done today we all went to the Seattle Center and watched Abigael play in the fountain and Eric bought her some ride tickets so that she could go on the carnnie rides. Abigael was so exhausted that she fell alseep on the couch this evening with her bottle in her mouth and petting the cat. My leg seems to be healing up? It still hurts but it's either less and less or I am just getting used to the pain. I have a doc appt on the 6th will know more then. The team is meeting this week and I will be handing over the Captain's position, there is just no way to run the team effectively, goto school full time and raise Abigael. It will be hard to turn over my baby but it is for the best. I can concentrate on healing, training and learning. Pictures of sweet Abigael to be posted soon!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see your getting out more. I wish I could have seen you and Abigael at the fountain. Did you by some chance think to take some pictures for sharing?
Give my love to all.