Monday, August 21, 2006

It's over!!!

Well the weekend is over and I am still alive and mentally stable!! The weekend started with the many hundred question psychological and personal history test for Seattle Fire Department. While at the psych test canadites were scheduled for employment interviews. I originally was scheduled to have my interview on Sept. 9th at 9am!! I will be in Colorado helping my friend Eric Ewing, who works for Miliseconds Timing, time the Kona Global 24 hour mountain bike race that weekend from Sep 7-10. I was able to change my interview date to Sep 16th at 8am with no problems! The psych test was 4 part and consisted of many personal history questions and the a personality exam that was 434 questions long!! All in all the test was about 700 questions long and took about 3 1/2 hours! I left the test pretty drained but confident about the test.
Saturday night we took Christie's mom out to dinner. We wanted to take her to experience a true west coast Northwest tradition, SUSHI!! We took Pat to Shiki, which means four seasons in Japenese. Shiki is in my opinion THE best sushi resturant in Seattle! I have really grow to know the family owned and operated resturant as it is located right next door to the Counterbalance Bicycle shop. Ken Yamamoto is a master chef and super nice guy! We had a sushi combo plate, salmon teriyaki with tempura (breaded fryed vegetables) plate, rice, and some extra nigiri (tuna, salmon, yellow fin tuna sushi) and some extra tuna rolls!! We ate and enjoyed every last melt in your mouth piece of food! Pat tried just about every thing and really liked the salmon sushi the best. It was quite comical to watch her use chop sticks but she did it! Abigael sipped miso soup straight from the bowl and ate her rice. Se tried a few small pieces of sushi, she didn't like it, oh well?!
Which led to Sunday. I have been dreading and looking forward to Sunday for over a month. Why, you ask? Sunday was the day our cycling team AVA/Counterbalance Bicycles racing hosted our team event, Sprints to Nowhere. The team met at Workshop 30 at the Sandpointe complex around 9:30 and we started setting up. Every thing and everyone gelled and it all came together!! We were more than ready to go at our 2pm openning time and we waited for the racer to flood in to race indoors on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.... We had a ton of messengers and bicycle enthusiasts turn out for the event and all told we had 23 racers show up to throw down on the rollers!! Only a small handful of non AVA/CBB racers showed up, PROPS to Recycled Cycles Racing and Byrnes for coming out to support our race!!! Every racer waled away with atleast a $20 to $40 prize top prizes were $100 plus! Beer flowed thanks to Bike Works and Anthony Vega of AVA Real estate!! Every team member and friend of the team helped to break down and by 9pm polo was on in the building!! Thanks everyone from team members to sponsors who helped make it happen!! It was tons of fun!!!

I feel drained but at peace with no dread. We basically lost our ass on our event but that's ok because it was a first year event and a learning experience!

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