Friday, August 04, 2006

Dead Baby Downhill and Messenger Challenge tonight

So the race that changed my life forever is tonight. I will be attending just so I can hopefully show some people that the race is not worth what I have had to deal with for the past year! This is one of the last photos of me with leg intact, CLUELESS!

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I wish everyone racing tonight a safe and fun time.

PS Crutches SUCK!!

Tomorrow I will go out to 40th Ave SW and SW Morgan St and have a moment of silence to mark the ONE YEAR anniversary of get demolished by a car!!


Christie said...

I don't think you mean the race isn't worth it, just not worth taking chances. And just so everyone remembers, you were not injured during the Downhill race. Which is why I will be riding in that tonight! :-) (Notice I said "riding" not "racing")

Anonymous said...

Some times the best lessons in life come with a high cost. I know you have learned and you are moving on a better man for the lesson. I will always support you in what ever you do.
Love, Dad

tom said...

Christie, Track Daddy, I hate to differ, but it is worth it. We should race, not 'ride' :) I mean, we could all stay at home, or not take risks, and never get hurt, or broken, or smashed to pieces by a car, or fall 25m down a waterfall and nearly die, or run into a burning building to save someone, but what would we learn?

We wouldn't learn very much about ourselves, or others, or life, or how to pee while lying in a bed - we'd be bored, and uninspiring.

So, you get hurt and have to come down off morphine, and have to walk on cructches for six months, and can't run for a year, and tell people again and again how you got hurt, and have to depend on those who love you - big deal.

I mean, we want to do everything possible to avoid breaking out legs, and sure it sucks for everyone involved, but don't you think we owe it to ourselves (and others) to go for it? Like Dad says above, the best lessons can cost you dearly, but they're the ones worth learning aren't they?

tom said...

or drown :)