Monday, July 31, 2006


It has recently been brought to my attention that only blogspot bloggers could leave comments here on Track Daddy. Well I have rectified that situation. Despite all the spammers in the world I have changed my settings (my wife just showed me how to do so) to allow all readers to leave comments !!!! So let them come I anticipate getting all kinds of comments Good, Bad, and the Ugly, just no spam please. Thanks the management.

This is an email I received from a guy named Tom alerting me to my non-inclusion status on the blog. Thanks Tom I am glad that you have found Nirvana AKA bicycles again re-welcome to a glorious world where you too can be a kid again!

With out further adue...

Hi there,

I stumbled upon your site and thought I would email a quick hello (seeing as you aren't allowing non-"bloggers" to post comments). Firstly, congrats on your fire exams, they're notoriously difficult - I hope they don't drop you during the medical. If they do maybe you can
re-apply once you're fully healed.

Secondly, I hope your leg isn't aching too much. I broke my left tib-fib falling 25 meters down a waterfall in January. Like you I was ridiculously lucky not to receive more serious injuries (especially spinal, head, ribs and so on...). Your story of infection, nail swapping and bone grafting made me feel sick.

If it's any consolation, which I think it will be, I know EXACTLY how you feel - cold aching and tenderness, sore feet, stiffness, frustration at not being able to run etc... etc...

The one great thing to come out of the whole deal is that I've rediscovered bikes - I've built up a fixed gear ( from an old beater and have been riding it as much as possible (which is about 20-25km at a time). My left leg is small and stick like, while my right is more muscular than it ever was :) My friends and I call August the International Month of Domination - everyone sets some somewhat unachievable goals (like
riding 500km in the month, writing two thesis chapters, catching a trout on fly in Tasmania, organizing a postdoc and seeing 50 new bird species), and then 'dominates' in order to achieve it.

All the best,

Thomas Rayner
School of Tropical Biology &
Rainforest CRC
James Cook University
Australia 4811


tom said...

How would you like to try some free online poker?

Just kidding :P

the old bag said...

Hey, got your note about visiting Lincoln City -- my trip out to the OR coast was wonderful! We stayed between Netarts and Oceanside.

If you head that direction at all and like great seafood: Roseanne's in Oceanside (wow! south end of town), Whiskey Creek Cafe just south of Netarts a mile or two (a yellow bldg tucked into the trees on the bay side of the road -- wow, again!), and Riverhouse in Pacific City (great, solid seafood).

These are all little hole-in-the-wall places with about 8 tables each so the wait could be long if you get there at the wrong time. We hit each between 5:00 (Roseanne's)-6:15 (Whiskey) and got tables right away, but each place filled-up shortly afterward.

Have a ball on your trip -- and hope the healing continues to go well! Keep us up on the fire dept. acceptance.