Thursday, July 20, 2006

Back to School... Again

So I have made the decision to go back to school to complete my prerequisites for Nursing school. Yes I can hear it now, Brandon there aren't many guys in your line of work are there? Or you could just call me Gaylord Focker, MALE NURSE. I know that it will be hard, very hard. I am focused now and I am ready to go back to school. I HAVE to get good grades in my prerequisite courses. Acceptance into nursing schools and nursing programs has become VERY competitive. I made this decision based on the fact that my broken leg will most likely keep me out of contention for getting hired as a paid full-time Firefighter, with any department. I will continue to apply and go through the hoops of the testing process, but I am investing in my family's future with the nursing thing now. I will be attending Seattle Central Community College starting Sep. 25th. The school has an awesome and affordable childcare program for Abigael while I am in class. I have already registered for three classes in the up coming Fall quarter (15 credit hours!) MAT 085 - ALGEBRA II M thru F 11 to 11:50, NTR 150 - HUMAN NUTRITION W & F 12 to 2:20, and ANP 213 - HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY I T & Th 5:30 to 9pm. I have five months 19 days left on my Veteran's education benefits that I have to use before Feb 15th 2007 or I lose it. As long as I am enrolled full-time for those five months 19 days I will receive my full amount of benefit $$$!!!! Winter quarter 07 ends March 21st just in time to use up all my Gov't money!!! And as an added benefit veteran's receive 50% off on tuition at SCCC! I will also take three classes in the Winter 07 quarter. I will be signing up for tutoring in math also. I have it planned out to have all of my Nursing program prerequisites done in time to submit my application for the start in Fall 07. The nursing program is six quarters long and starts every fall first come first get in. Although as demand increases they might institute a points qualification system like Shoreline Community College has for their Nursing program.

Enough of my school babble,, but I am so excited to start! I have been healing very well over the past two weeks. I am still sore and the pain is still there, but it has definitely gotten better over the past week. Most of the pain is still in my upper left leg and is strangely muscular. My side (donor site) stitches came out on Wed. and the Infectious Disease doc say I am clean as a brand new whistle!! All of my cultures from surgery came back negative!! I am tolerating the antibiotic well and I should, as soon as it stops weeping, get all of my stitches out next Wed. My mom has been a HUGE help over the past two weeks helping to take care of Abigael and myself, THANK YOU mom!


the old bag said...

Glad to hear so many things are moving in a positive direction!

Brandon said...

Thanks TOB sounds like things are good in your life also!!!

Rob and Walker said...

Brandon. Glad to hear that that you are interested in returning to school. You’re IS hard. As a parent and student there are many stresses. BUT...Christie loves you and is a good support for you. You will do fine. I can say this as a recent graduate (MA, Technology from ASU...and a Thesis ta boot!), wife and mother...It WILL be touch, but very worth it. Abigail will enjoy watching daddy study and go to school. When Nicholas and I were in school at the same time the thought it was so cool! Just try to remember that you can study AFTER Abigail goes to bed and you’re wife still needs you to be her husband as well. Hang in there, do your best, and remember that you can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you!


Rob and Walker said...

that should say "tough" not "touch"!