Friday, July 14, 2006

One of all my bikes

I have SO been wanting to do this for quite some time. I will start out with a picture of my current bicycles and then picture posting permitting I will add pictures of past bikes, different configurations of current and past bikes, dead frames of bikes, and pictures of bikes I have only with me in the picture... So with out futher adue here it goes with a small description of each...

Currently owned ridable bicycles

2004 Kona Explosif can be geared or run singlespeed!

2004 Kona "A" Singlespeed full suspention

2005 Kona Sutra touring bike first "bought off the floor" new bike since 1989

1988 Specialized Sirrus mostly current Dura-Ace now. This is the bike I bought new off the floor in 1989 at Draper's Raleigh Cycles in Ukiah, CA only original parts left are the frame and front derailluer.

2005 Desalvo Custom Cycles custom team track racer full Dura-Ace with custon DWI stem

Old Bicycles I either no longer own or have been retired

2004 Kona Unit Sold the frame to replace with the Explosif above so I could run gears also to rehab my broken leg!

This is my beloved 2002 Surly Steamroller I was riding this bike on Aug 5 2005 when I got hit by a car and broke my tib/fib.
It had seen MANY different colors and configurations you will see in the pics to come.

2002 Desalvo Track FULL Dura-Ace track grouppo. This was Mike Desalvo's 2002 Inter-Bike show bike. I upgraded from Cat 5 to Cat 3 on this bike in 1 1/2 seasons. I sold it to Kris Lepine.

Same Surly Steamroller as above before the powder coat green. It is stripped and clearcoated raw steel. This is the bike I messengered on when I did not work at ABC Messengers.

Cyclocross version of the Steamroller on which I placed 3rd overall in the singlespeed catergory I raced every race FIXED!

First brand new "track" frame 2002 Surly Steamroller which became all of the above!

First full suspention mt bike 2000 Rocky Mountain Element Race bought used at the 2003 Seattle Bike Swap from Justin Vander Pol. Sold to best friend Eric Ewing in Spokane!

1971 Mercian track bike Reynolds 531 steel nice chrome fork and rear triangle with a pieced together totally complete Suntour Superbe Pro Track Grouppo.
I sold the frame/fork and grouppo sperately to two different people in NYC via Craigs List.

2003 Kona Kula Primo 100% cross-country race machine. Frame weight 2.9lbs! Took me to 5th place in the WIM series Sport men 30-39 race Cat. Sold it when I got hooked on singlespeeding!

First "FIXIE" Nishiki road bike conversion found at a co-op for $20 rode her till the frame cracked!

2001 Kona Major Jake that I bought from "Jarhead" Adam and I built as a flatbar city bike. I raced two cyclocross races in 2003 on this bike before the frame cracked around the seat tube at the BB. One of only a few aluminum frames I have owned.

This a 1992 Trek 930 the mtb that started it all. I bought this from Magic Cycles in Boone, NC in 1997. I rode and raced it until I bought the Kula.


Skazat said...

Interesting - I was thinking of converting my Steamroller to a cross bike for the winter - what type of brakes are you using? That's the only thing I'm currently stuck on.

Here's my current musings:

Skazat said...

ah! Answered my own question - you switched out the fork!

Brandon said...

Skazat I still have the fork and I am not doing anything with it if you want it and you Steamroller is 1" let's talk??

Rob and Walker said...

Heaven forbid my husband ever decided to post similar images of the softball bats he has owned. Who has the time to look at them all. Guess most people have a "thing". I think George S. and my husband determined that if you spend a certain amount of money and time throughout the year on ONE hobby it becomes your "thing". But I can appreciate your passion for the sport and have seen your energy for things you are passionate about.

[I can't believe I looked at all of the reading Greek sometimes...sheesh!]