Monday, July 10, 2006

It is your Burden to vote it's not just a right

One of my fellow blogging/biker/messenger/nut job friends is in the running for the Race Face Ultimate XC Challenge click here to vote. (You must registar your email and watch all four videos before you can vote, BUT DO IT AWAYWAYS FOR TEAM DICKY!!!!!) Rich Dillen lives in Charlotte, NC and he races singlespeed fully rigid mountain bikes over insanely long distances. He is in an international competition for an all expenses paid trip to compete in the Trans-Rockies Challenge mountain bike race. Rich, or Team Dicky as he goes by, and the Wonderboy have teamed up under the name Bad Idea Racing. Please vote for them as many times as you can!!!
Josh the Wonderboy
Team Dicky in action


Dicky said...

Thanks for the helping hand. Good to know I got friends all over.

Brandon said...

I voted twice under two different email addy's and I also got my wife to vote. Who did you vote for in round one?? I voted for the father/daughter team they are the same age gap as my Abigael and myself.... Maybe she will be dragging my butt up and over to Rockies in 14 years or so????