Saturday, July 08, 2006

Post-Op (now with pictures!!!)

This is my hip and upper left leg. This is where the docs harvested the bone marterial from my femur for my bone graft. Nice bruise huh!! It hurts like I got hit by a car....

I will be going home today! The bone graft surgery went as well as possible on Thursday. Dr. Taitsman said the surgery should put me on the road to some good healing, finally. My graft donor site hurts like the dickens, they took about a fist sized amount of bone from my left femur. The incision on my hip looks real good and I will be having some x-rays to make sure the femur is intact this morning. The docs unwrapped my bandages on my tibia and it looks better than I have ever seen it after surgery. Now I can go home and begin to heal by using my EBI bone stimulator, taking Shaklee Osteomatrix, and even taking some Chinese herbs that claim to help lay down new bone matrix?? I have to stay off of my leg, no weight bearing for 6 weeks! I want this thing to heal so I can get my life back to normal! I want to be able to go back to KCFD 20 and pull shifts at Skyway fire. I want to start a real training program to get me on the road to being a competitive cyclist again. I still have Track Master National Championships as a two year goal. I want to be able to spend time with my daughter where I am NOT laid up on the couch! Thank you to everyone that has well wished, kept me in their thoughts, prayed for me , and help us out directly!

This is the graft site, while it looks gross it is actually in great shape NO INFECTION!!


Dicky said...

Good on you man, keep to it. You got years of riding ahead of you once you get through this.

Brandon said...

Thanks Dicky I will be voting for you and Wonderboy I hope that your one gear gets to the Transrockies!!

Wes said...

Glad you got good news bro!

the old bag said...

great n-all
but that photo
is just gross