Sunday, August 13, 2006

"The Bike Room"

A view from outside the door

Right side

Center view

Left side

Center floor

Clutter I don't see any clutter? I see organized chaos! But not clutter! This is the small, roughly 6' by 6', closet known in my house as The Bike Room. Granted not all bike and bike related things are stored in here, just not enough room, but there are other things in here not bike related that take up space. Like the water heater, the file cabinet for the apartment manager, and our cleaning supplies. It is always in varying states of cleanliness and organization. This is in response to The Old Bag's "clutter" post you have a long way to go before you get here! The best part is Christie dosen't mind as long as it stays in the room and the light is turned off when I' m done!


the old bag said...

I can see the organization (even if it's organized chaos) -- I'm impressed you can get all that in that amount of space...along with a dog, cat, two-year-old, and two adults...did I count FIVE bikes?!

...damned water heaters, anyway....

Brandon said...

actually SIX plus one frame, a disc wheel, trainers, fold-up work stand, tool case, my spare parts, all of the parts for my friends new mountain bike build, a few spare wheels and a Chariot sidecar kid trailer! I have a mountain bike and a few spare wheels up stairs in the main storage area even!

the old bag said...

hoh man.