Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Pirate Missed......

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Marco Pantani
January 13, 1970 - February 14, 2004

I gotta say, I miss the Pirate. Two years gone.

Man, what a rider. That guy could ignite the powder. He make it exciting. He was the man.

Never mind Armstrong's seven, which I'll probably never see matched or broken in my lifetime, how 'bout the Giro-Tour double? Seems a bit more achievable, doesn't it, in this post Armstrong era?

We gotta have something.

And I'll never forget (maybe for the rest of my life), as the Gnome and I were suffering through the 2004 edition of the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo in the solo class, Pantani was a half a world away suffering by himself in a hotel room.

It ended for Marco that night.

We made it to the dawn, Marco. We made it. Why couldn't you?

Ciao, Marco. You were a card carrying badass.

I'll turn a pedal in anger for you this weekend.

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