Sunday, February 12, 2006

First ride!

I did IT!!!!! I got out with my team on Sunday and rode!! My wife dropped me off in Leschi at 9:30 and the team, 15 out of 20 members, rode out over I90 to Mercer Is. and did the MI south loop. We double pace lined once we got to MI with 30 to 60 sec pulls keeping the pace at a 16 mph average. I pealed off as the team headed east and I cut across on the bike path across I90 to Dearborn to the waterfront then down Myrtle Edwards to Magnolia and Home. I did 24.54 miles with a total time of 1 hr and 40 min average speed 14.6 mph!! I FEEL GREAT!!! My muscles are sore and my lungs burned a little but my bones don't ache...yet!! It did wonders for my state of mind!!

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