Saturday, February 25, 2006

Long week

So it has been a very long week. I worked Wed. and eight hours on Friday. Had my first Chiropractor's appt on Thurs as well as Physical Therapy. I was even able to ride my new Kona Sutra "recovery" bike to work on Friday. I had my new $25 (bought at the bike swap this HRM retails for $180) Sports Insturments SI-90HR heart rate monitor straped to my chest and I was redlining the entire ride at around 175 to 185 beats per minute!! It was extremely cold and icy out but I was very careful and I had no incidents. At work on Friday I cleaned up after the slackers, replaced brake pads, levers and cables on Eddy's bike. Christie came and picked me up and the family went down to SBS to pick up the parts order. Then I built PJ's wheel, a Suzue carbon hub 28 hole laced to a white Velocity Deep V with black spoke and blue nipples. And I started to build up Jeremy's new Ti road bike (the one I bought at the swap!!). The project are starting to pile up so I believe I will have to make a list...

The final proofs for our cycling team's jersey came on Thursday and Peter and Adam ok'ed all but the skinsuit (color needs adjusting). So we should see them in about 3 to 5 weeks!!! They look good!! Here is an early look at them!

This weekend I am taking the Seattle Fire Department's written and video employment exam.... again. Maybe the third time is the charm??

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