Monday, February 13, 2006

First day at Fleetfoot Messengers

Welcome to Fleetfoot

So I worked my ass off today, WHEW! I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. I could still stand to clean some more but until I can get some better floor stripper I am not gonna abuse my back anymore. Boy am I sore after yesterdays ride and my first 8 hour work day in a year and a half! I threw out about two dozen old dead wheels and three trash cans full of trash and recycling. The guys were giving PJ a hard time saying I did more work in 8 hours than PJ did in 8 months... HA! Just give'n ya some love there PJ... Anywho, After dropping Grandma off at the airport I took Abigael to spend the day with Maxine and they played like crazy. Apparently they did not take a nap at all!! I will be taking her to work with me tomorrow for about 4 hours??

Here are some before I cleaned the shop pics....

And after I cleaned the shop.... more to come soon...
Thanks for the plug Mark!! More AVA/Counterbalance Racing Team info coming soon including pictures!!!

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