Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Home Owners!!!

We now have keys in hand and we are officially home owners now!!! We are in debt up to our ears for the rest of our lives!! Many thanks go out to our realtor, Debra Truelove with Coldwell Banker Bain and our loan officer, Mike Manthey with Landover Mortgage. We would also would like to thank our Parents, Todd with Immaculate Home Inspection Inc, USAA, the seller, and everyone that is going to help us move next weekend!! Ha! We will be moving into the "Blue House", as Abigael calls it, over the weekend!

On another note I went to a sports medicine Doctor today, Dr. Christian Peterson. I had x-rays taken of my left leg and ankle and of my right shoulder. Most people would ask why my shoulder?? Well when I was down in San Jose back in March with Julian I made a little trip over the handlebars while out on the trail. I landed with my right arm above my head while I augered into the ground with my elbow. After my O.T.B. experience I ended up with an extremely sore right shoulder and arm that I couldn't even raise over my head! I toughed it out and slowly my shoulder got a little better, but it still ached and became very sore when I rode my mountain bike for any length of time. The Doc determined that I might have a tear in my connective tissue. So to help with the pain in my left Achilles tendon and my right shoulder he gave my a cortisone shot in my ass! I am going to have an MRI done of my shoulder on Friday to find any damage in my shoulder.

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