Thursday, March 08, 2007

My weekend away in San Jose (and the North American Handmade Bicycle Show)

So last weekend I went down to San Jose/Sunnyvale to visit my best friend Julian Chocholak and his girlfriend Jen. I also went down to goto the North American Handmade Bicycle Show and take in a few beautifully built hand crafted bicycles. The show was bicycle overload!! I had a great time and I posted tons of pictures on my flickr account!

I also got to go mountain biking with my best friend Julian. On friday after I got in we went up to the Skyline Highway and rode in the Russian Ridge openspace! The weather was amazing and we got about two solid hours of riding in that late afternoon. And then during the show on Saturday I bumped into a couple guys from the SoCal area that reconized my bike from and they said that a bunch of guys were getting together on Sunday to go ride down in the UC Santa Cruz area.

On Sunday about ten of us met at 9am and rode some SWEET singletrack in the Santa Cruz mountains for a total of about 18 miles and 4 plus hours at a very physical yet social pace. Most of the attendees were riding 29er's with the exception of Julian on his Santa Cruz Blur LT and two other guys on 26er singlespeeds. I had a few mechanicals like a flat tire and a broken chain and then proceeded to crash about three quarters of the way into the ride and taco my front wheel. MY LEG WAS SAFE THE ENTIRE TIME (MOM). Banged up my right shoulder though, sore as hell now!! I bent the wheel back to sort of round and rode it out, singletrack and all no prob. I just need to replace the rim (Stan's ZTR Flow rims?) and she's good as new! The guys (Jeff) at Industry Nine have been SUPER helpful!!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I do read your blog and, of course, the first thing that crossed my mind when I read that you crashed and tacoed your front wheel was "and what about the leg!" Thank you for your reassurance that all is well, that is except your shoulder. Glad you had a great time with Julian.
Love, Mom