Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New Post

My mountain bike builder James Bleakley is "THE MAN"!! I noticed that after my last mountain bike ride my fat ass bent my seat post. I pulled it out and sure enough it was bent and how! It bent right at the seat post collar close to the frame. So I took a picture or two and emailed it off to James at Black Sheep Bicycles knowing that James does not frequently check his email.

I just wanted to let him know it had happened fully not expecting anything to happen. About week later I received an email from James stating that the post was ok to ride bent, but he would have a new seat post in the mail the next day! How cool is that!! No extra charge he just fully backed up his work 100%!!! Made in America still has a backbone! I talked with James the next day and he said that he had not only gotten a great deal, $$, on some 0.30 gauge Ti tubing but that he is continuously trying new types of materials to improve his products!! He said that I should be riding a 0.39 or 0.40 gauge seat post and that not only would he have a new one on the way, but he would include a new pair of Black Sheep Bikes logo socks!!! Stylin'!!! Thanks James you have a customer for life!!!

Next weekend I am going down to San Jose to visit with my best friend Julian Chocholak
and attend the North American Handmade Bicycle show. We are going to go mountain biking for the first time together in a long time!! I am taking my Black Sheep with me (the whole reason I went for the $1000 S&S coupler up charge) so we can ride. It is truly a handmade work of art!! I wish that James and Black Sheep was going to be attending the show, oh well next year!!


Anonymous said...

Very nice frame. How much do you weigh that you bent the post? I've been eyeing up the BS frames and parts.

Brandon said...

I weigh about 203lbs but I ride like a druken monkey (not very graceful) and due to my leg injury I have been sitting in the saddle more than I usually do... But no worries James took care of me!!