Sunday, February 25, 2007

This quarters grades and a tribute to my Grandpa...

So far we are about half way through the quarter and I am some how pulling low A's in all three of my classes! I recieved a 92.76% on my last anatomy exam, a 92.5% on my last Math exam, and a 92.4% on my last Chemistry exam. As long as I don't totally take a crap on anyone of my classes I should be able to pull this quarter off with a 3. 5 to 3.7ish!!!! I have two major exams left in A&P the next of which is solely dedicated to the Brain and the nervous system, it is a major piece of work!!

On a sad note I found out that my Grandfather passed away Friday morning in CA. We were not as close as I would have liked to have been, but in the past few years M.C. (as he was known) did make some great strides towards being a grandpa. He was alway concerned about my my leg and how I was healing. I would get random out-of-the-blue phone calls from him just checking to see if I was doing alright. My one and only regret is not having talked to him lately... I wanted to tell him that we are expecting another baby and regardless of the baby's sex we are going to give the baby the middle name Campbell which was his mother's maiden name. My grandpa's middle name was Campbell, my dad's middle name is Campbell, and my middle name is Campbell. My dad grew up a Jr. tortured with the first name Merdith (note only one "E"). Hence he goes by Cam from Campbell and my Grandpa went by M.C. from his initials. One of the names Christie and I have talked about if we have a girl is to name her MerEdith Campbell Lockwood after her Great Grandfather... Right now it's just a thought but it seems fitting. Grandpa M.C. put more effort into being a grandpa to his great grand kids than he did his grand kids or his own boys. I guess old dogs do start to learn new tricks... God bless his soul, he is now getting ALL of his questions and doubts answer by the Almighty!

The single most thing I am so utterly proud of my grandfather for was his service and dedication to the Military. My grandpa join the Air Force when it was just the Army Air Corp. and was in the Pacific Theater during WWII. Grandpa acheived the top rank of Senior Master Sergeant in the Air Force retiring after almost thirty years in-service. In our family of all the people that have served in the military grandpa and I are the only two enlisted guys so I really take pride in that!
RIP Clyde 1919-2007


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Brandon, we are so proud of you! What an awesome tribute you wrote to Grandpa, you made me cry. He was a good man and will be missed by all of us even though he could be onery and cantankerous at times.

Well it's my turn! I have been mad at grandpa for as many years as you and Gab have been alive, because he never took an interest in you kids. But you have helped put it into perspective. Your Grandfather became a completely change man when he finally made that comittment to follow Christ. He has tried since then to make up for the many years of putting all his other stuff before his committment to Christ. While we were at the Veteran's home one of his friends explained how important Grandpa was to the military veterans and their Home. We all wish we could have known Grandpa more and spent more TIME with him. All in all it's hard to make up for lost time. I just hope I don't make the same mistake when I stand before the Lord and He ask's me "Have I been a good and faithful servant".
Thanks Clyde,
Love Mom & Dad

Wes said...

Sorry to hear about your grandpa bro. I lost both my grandfathers at the very young age of 14. They too were military veterans fighting in WWII and Korea respectively. Let me say thanks not only to your grandpa but to you as well for your service to our country. Love ya brother.