Thursday, November 23, 2006

Doctor's appt...

Went to see my Ortho docs yesterday morning and all looks well! I had x-rays which according to the docs didn't show any significant change from my Oct 18th visit. The docs did say that there was a considerable amount of conective tissues in the area of the bone graph but it just has not calcifide yet. The good news is that the bone graph is still there! Some graphs of this type can just dissolve/wash away and they have to start all over again. It is just going to take time! They did seem impressed with my range of motion and activity level. I asked if I could start doing some gym workouts with my legs and I got the ok to start a weight traing program. I was told to start with low weight, of course, high reps but in regards to my left leg I need to start with "E"ccentric exercise. Eccentric is the controled lowering of weight vs. contracting and pulling the weights up. Erik Moen my PT has explained this to me also, as lift the weight with both legs, mostly with the right, and then slowly and controlled lower the weight with my left leg only. The ortho doc said to also include some strength training as well to include higher weight lower reps slowly building the weight up to the point that my left leg can handle the same amount of weight the right leg can. Other than that I am down to the next lowest level of pain meds, only when I need them, I will see them again in THREE (3) months, and continue with intensive Physical Therapy!!!


Anonymous said...

That is really good news. Keep it slow and grow. How goes the school? I am so looking forward to your trip back south (true south not south of you) next month.
Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! Remember, listen to your PT and Docs. Really like the new look of your blog, it is much easier to read for us 'old' folks.
Love ya,
Mom & Dad