Thursday, November 09, 2006

Black Sheep Ti Highlight 29er

So I just received my CAD rendering from James at Black Sheep Bikes last night. I am SOOOOooooo excited I need to call him and talk to him about it, but then he did make this CAD drawing based on a BUNCH of custom measurements taken from me. The only measurement I am concerned about is the 24" Effective Top Tube measurement. This bike will be suspension corrected so that if I want to throw a Reba on it I can. This would make the head angle steeper from 71.5 deg to 72-72.5 with fork sag, BUT James says that everyone that has ridden one of his Ti rigid forks and switches to a squishy front end always swaps back to the Ti. James will be making a Ti unicrown fork with a heavy duty steerer and thin walled legs to lighten it up and give it the suppleness that Ti forks are known for! I can't wait James also said he could deliver by Dec 1st!!!! As long as I can get it by the 20th so I can take it to NC for the holidays I will be stoked! It will be a great chance to test out the S&S couplers and not have to worry about which airlines we will fly on (We used to have to fly United because I could fly my bike for free through USCF).

These are my Fitup Measurements:
1. Height______________180.6cm
2. Inseam______________86.2cm
3. Deltoid to hip_________42cm
4. Hip to ankle__________104.5cm
5. Hip to knee___________61.5cm
6. Knee to ankle_________45.5cm
7. Deltoid to wrist________66cm
8. Width of palm_________10cm
9. Foot Length__________28.6cm
10. Sternal notch to ground_147cm

These are the measurements of my current or former mountain and touring bikes.For the most part I ride with a 90 to 100mm 5 deg Thomson stem some times 110mm

My current Mountain Bike is an 18” 2004 Kona Explosif Maybe FOR SALE when I get my new 29er
HA 70 SA 73.1 TT 23.1” SO 28” 100mm fork; stem 90mm x 5 deg

The bike I ride a lot (and my touring rig) is a 56cm 2005 Kona Sutra FOR SALE $1200
HA 72 SA 73 TT 56cm SO 30.4” stem 100mm x 5 deg

I had a 19” 2004 Kona Unit which I felt was TOO BIG for me??
HA 70 SA 72.1 TT 23.6” SO 28.8” 100mm fork 100mm x 5 deg

My cross country race rig was a 19” 2003 Kona Kula Primo
HA 71 SA 73 TT 23.5” SO 30.2” 80mm fork stem 100mm x 5 deg

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