Thursday, March 30, 2006

A new Seattle Times article: Fixed-sated: Coasting is for poseurs. Fixed-gear bikes are about the pedaling

So I guess I should make a post about the article by Florangela Davila that just ran on the front page of the Northwest Life section in Thursday's Seattle Times aboout fixed-gear bicycles. It was a very well done article and my very good friend, Adam Smith, Counterbalance Bicycles co-owner and former messenger was interviewed and his picture accompanied the article. The only funny thing I found about the article is the author mention messengers and messenger culture in how it relates to the "fixie" craze yet she does not interview any working messengers? Adam did a great job of explaining it all but she refers to the "crusty messengers" without getting their take on all of the Faux-messengers that think they can ride sans-brake and plow peds over giving working messengers (the ones that make anywhere from $0.80 to $15 per delivery, GOTTA HUSTLE!!) a bad name when they are out there working their asses off!! Anyways I am off my soap box now the article does a great job of explaining to the general public the experience of riding fixed (without actually doing it you'll never have any idea......)


Adam Smith, in background above, has spoke cards from the races he's participated in. Smith works (co-owns) at Counterbalance Bicycles in lower Queen Anne.

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pilderwasser said...

Yo Brandon

I talked to the author via email and for a while on the phone, and voiced my concern about coming across as an asshole because I just kept talking about hipster kids on fixed gears and about how the first bike ever ridden 120 years ago was a fixed gear and it's not really a new hip trendy thing...but I'm glad she didn't quote me because I'm bitter and I was probably drunk.