Sunday, March 05, 2006

Brandon's new recovery bicycle...

So I went and purchased a bike with a triple. Never thought I would do it! I mean my mountain bikes had them till I ditched them for a more sensable single chain ring setup for singlespeeding. My road bike is geared WAY to high for racing and it's old and put's me in a racing position which, in my recovery is not very comfortable. So with some of my insurance settlement (gotta love renter's insurance!!!) and putting one of my singlespeed (19" KONA UNIT 2004 $800 OBO) mountain bikes on consignment at the Counterbalance Bike shop, I bought a Kona Sutra right off the floor. It's a 56cm and fits like a dream!!! I have already tricked her out with the King bling and still want to change the handlebar setup, and weighs a Metric ton, but she is so smooth on the road!! I have put about 55 miles on her so far including a trip to the grocery store with Christie and Abigael to tryout the new Chariot Sidecar (Pictures HERE) child carrier. This is the first bike I have bought complete off the floor since I bought my road bike, Specialized Sirrus (still rolling!! hence the "old" above), new in 1989.

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