Saturday, May 03, 2008

Man do I need this!

Gett'n my fix in the saddle! I rode a tad over 10 miles in Black Diamond with the "boys" on Thursday evening!! It was bad ass!!

Photos by Reechard "Knobularlife" Boatman

I rode to my second to last Physical Therapy appointment yesterday morning on my Desalvo fixed gear clocking just over 13 street miles! The family also rode over to our new Pastor's house for a church newcomers BBQ. Abigael rode/walked her Strider bike all the way to the BBQ by herself...

And this morning I get to go ride the South End Thrilla Loop with a few good friends!!! I got a chance to ride with a friend, Julian Diaz, who recently moved down to Tacoma with his family. Thank you Christie for allowing me this chance to get out and ride! My mind, soul, and body need this!! Totaled about 19 miles on my singlespeed!!

Although my ass hurts like hell right now from not sitting on a saddle for over three weeks!!! OUCH!!



aka Back Out Boatman


B diamond was 13.23 miles

Brandon said...

It was only 10.03miles for since I didn't start at the bike shop... Got in 18.98 miles today with Julian!!!



I ate a whole bag of Doritos!