Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Papa Visit

BFF (Best Friends Forever!)

Christie's Dad Tom came and spent the weekend visiting with his grand daughter and us. We had a gret time and it all went by WAY too fast! I know that Abigael misses her Papa VERY much! But without much time to think about it we had a very busy day today and will also tomorrow and Friday. Ortho appt today, ID appt tomorrow, and PT appt on Friday all at 8am with school at 11am. The ortho doc appt went well Dr. Taitsman said that my x-rays today looked REALLY good. The bone grafts are healing nicely! Back in 4 to 6 weeks and time will tell the tale. I still have a very small scab on my main incision that will not heal and continues to drain! I will most likely have to stay on the antibiotics until that heals up fully.

Below are two ankle x-rays taken on Sep 6 06 and Oct 18 06

Sep 6
notice the top screw in my Tibia is straight then look at x-ray below
some healing...

Oct 18
the top screw is bent! Doc says its fractured?
could explain some of the ankle pain I've been having?
Do YOU notice any significant bone growth? I do!

This is a slightly more lateral view


the old bag said...

The x-rays look great, especially compared to the one down the page a bit...bizarre about the screw.

Anonymous said...

So happy you all had a good visit, I miss you all of you too.
The ankle does look great. About the screw - we knew you had a screw loose somewhere all this time. :) We just didn't know where!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that picture Brandon. Yes I will be her best friend, buddy, papa, whatever she needs, always. I am so happy to see that the bones are coming alaong so well. Will they try to replace that one screw at some point?
Love, Dad