Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A New Look...

So I decided to go with a new look just cause... I got bored of looking at the same old thing so I found a really cool blog page template maker site and used it to create what you see now. I tweaked it a little on my own but all in all I like it for now. I have THREE exams this week one in each of my three classes. I took my math test this morning and I feel like I aced it! I have my bones and articulations exam in A&P tonight, it's a doosey!! And on Friday I have a test in Human Nutrition as well as a quiz tomorrow! I am feeling pretty good about where I stand in all my classes so far and I am loving it!

I am looking to reshuffle my bikes again (I know I'm obsessive but atleast it's bikes and not drugs or muscle cars or womens underwear). I have ALWAY admired the look of the old cruiser style bicycle frame. There are a few custom frame makers that specialize in this form of ridable art. Retrotec, Jones, and Black Sheep Bikes are just a few that come to mind. I have also ALWAYS want a Titanium framed bicycle! So I figured it was time to slim down the stable and put it into a bicycle that would last me the rest of my life. I decided to go with a Black Sheep and I have talked with James the owner and we will start the process soon! Here a few pictures of his work Here, Here and Here. I am having this frame made with S&S couplers so I can take it with me ANYWHERE I want to with out having to pay extra for shipping or excess baggage fees for airlines! It is also going to be a 29 inch wheeled mountain bike which means I can also through road tires on it and tour on the road!! Stay tuned for more tid bits on the BS Project!

I found out that my good blog friend Rich (Team Dicky) won the Single Speed class WORLD Solo 24hour Championships this weekend! Way to go Viking! I will be out there in the dirt with you soon brother!!

Christie's Dad will be here on Thursday and we are all looking forward to some quality Grandpa time!! Tom is going to watch Abigael while I am in class Friday and Monday, "Will he have to change a poopy diaper??" Well he should if it needs to be done! All apart of be a grandpa!

Until next time...


(Late edit: I think I aced my math test should find out tomorrow and I felt pretty good after my Anatomy and Phisiology exam tonight. I think I only missed one out of fifty on the lab portion, as well as caught an instructors labeling error!, and the written essays and multiple choice went pretty well should know by Thursday night!)


Anonymous said...

The new site looks pretty except for the red against the black (hard for old eyes to read). As for watching Abigael you know I will always do what ever is needed. The part about keeping her wjile you are in class we will discuss. I think she needs the time with the kids her age (give Grandpa a chance to nap as well). We can discuss that when I get there and go from there.
Thanks for all the entries. I enjoy keeping up with the lives of the wild bunch in Seattle! :)

Dicky said...

Nice choice on the bike. I always consider the S&S couplers, but I always chicken out. I would love to have a track frame with S&S just to be able to have a fixie wherever I go. Too bad you can't have someone copy the Ritchey Breakaway travel bike. It is the cleanest way to do it.