Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A few weeks of firsts!!

Abigael has exploded onto the big girls scene with two new feats of grown-uped-ness. First she has put away the run bike and moved over full time to a pedal bike!! She took to it right off the bat. She still has a bit of trouble mounting, starting off, stopping, and dismounting but once she gets going there is nothing stopping her.

I know she should be wearing her helmet... She usually does and will in the future...

Secondly she has started to be able to write her first name on her own, legibly, with only the G giving her any grief. Her G's look like skinny Q's, but even Abigael recognizes that she needs to work on her G's.

I just love Abigael's little people that she draws. They have such personality. Each person she draws is unique and they all have differences. Some have noses, some hair, some have hands where Abigael has traced her own hand in place of the drawing's hand, and they all have arms and legs sprouting from the drawings head!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that! Made my day. I'm still smiling,
Mom P.