Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Too long, sorry...!

So I have started about three or four posts since my last crazy post of fruity bicycle dancer guy. None of those came to fruition, partly due to time constraints and life just getting in the way, partly due to laziness.

Let's see what has happened in the past month and a half....

I am healing ever so slowly, both leg and thumb. I reached TWO AND A HALF YEARS since my accident when I broke my leg.

The kids are getting bigger! Mason is now crawling and putting EVERYTHING in his mouth!!

Christie's cousin Melissa Gautier just moved to Seattle from London, England. We helped her move in and I have been helping to show her around the city. We were able to invite her over to the house for Dinner the weekend Christie's mom was in town. It is good to know we have even more family in the area! Melissa is going to Opening Day for the Mariners with us.

I went to the Bike Expo and volunteered at the MVA booth on the 9th and brought the entire family along. Abigael and Christie walked around and played the clue/bingo game for kids. I got to meet Joe "The Metal Cowboy" Kurmaskie and got his newest book, "Momentum is Your Friend" signed to me by Joe himself. Joe has ridden across the country via bicycle with his 5 and 7 year-old in-tow, as well as across Canada with his wife and three kids via bicycle! Here is a news clip video on "Adventure Dad!"

The weekend of March 15&16th I dragged the whole family down to Capitol Forest for a weekend-long mountain bike race put on by the Friends of Capitol Forest. This was our first attempt at camping with the kids. We set the tent up and I volunteered at the race helping to ride/sweep the courses and time the Super-D race on Sunday. Christie and the kids did ok as it rained on and off all weekend and Mason did not sleep very well in the tent Saturday night. All in all the experience went rather well and we look forward to many camping adventures this summer ! There were plenty of kids Abigael's age for her to play with and even Christie was social with the other moms and kids.

I have just recently found out that I meet all of the entrance requirements for the LPN program at Clover Park Technical College. I will be submitting my application within the next two weeks once all of my official transcripts arrive and have been officially evaluated and I gather all of the required items to submit my application. The LPN program is full-time over four quarters (approximately one full school year) and then I will be able to sit for my LPN board exams. Upon completion of the CPTC LPN program, I will be able to start the LPN to RN bridge program which lasts for three quarters (most of one school year) part-time in the evenings, which upon completion, I will be able to sit for my Registered Nurse board exams!!!!! This is a good video profiling men in the nursing field!!!

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