Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Taking the Sheep out to pasture....

Riding in the snow is one of my favorite types of riding! It was one of the funnest rides I have done in years!!

Jose riding his new Kona Blast in the snow!

Gotta love the Black Sheep Ti Highlight 29er

After the start of school and the CRAZY weather we have had here in the PNW I have finally been able to get out a few weekends in a row to a close in trail system known as the Towers of Power or more famously known for it's major trail's name "The Tapeworm". This trail system is pretty short but very technically challenging seeing as how the creators manage to stuff 2.25 miles of trail inside the space of a city block or so... There are a few other trails, that are all connected by a main trail, that go by names like Mr. DNA, Crop Circles, and Parasite. All in all I think one could squeeze out about 9 miles of trail.... Here is a link to an awesome MAP of the trail system Thanks to CycoActive Products! I went on the 14th with my friend and teammate Jose and on the 21st again with Jose and his wife Sharon also a teammate of mine. There was about 3 inches of snow on the ground and throughout the trails on the 14th and on the 21st the trails where dry for the most part with only a few small muddy spots.
I have ridden here before a few time on my 26" and done "ok", but nothing prepared me for the fun I was gonna have riding the Tape on my Black Sheep!! Rolling over things is an understatement! With the Rampage up front and the Nevegal in the rear I scoot scooted along the trail up and over root after root and the bike handled like a dream in the super tight twisty singletrack!! I rode with a few friends and beyond the fitness difference the bike just flat moved out. I even rode a few stunts to sucsess. Although riding teeter totters designed for a 26er wheelbase takes a little more momentum to find the fulcrum point on a 29er! I had a blast and I plan to make the Sunday morning ride a regular thing now that my leg is healing up nicely. It does my soul good to get out and ride like a scalded dog!
Jose on his new mountain bike

Sharon riding her old moutain bike dusting off her skills


Wes said...

The trails look really cool and nice video!

Anonymous said...

You'll have to show Dad the trails sometime. Too bad he won't have time next month when he comes up with Uncle.